Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thing #6 part B


Thing #6 is like an infinate clipart catalog-FREE.

Discovery #6

It was fun to look in the library and see the trading cards of the Librarians. It is almost like a business card. It is good to see the specializations on the trading cards so I know which librarian to contact for reference. I made my own trading card. The first time I didn't get it uploaded to my blog because the internet timed out. Then the second time I loaded it, it took forever to view and then when I went to put it in my blog the webpage had expired and I lost it. I won't be able to look at the toon doo unless I do it at the library and hopefully it is not filtered. Really is all this necessary? I suppose for the next generation that "old stuff" won't work anymore. A teacher said today that now in school we have to entertain the student. Maybe that is true. If anything all this new "stuff" is encouraging us to be creative!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Discovery #5 item

Well, I had problems. I went to upload a photo from my home computer and then flickr timed out because of my slow dialup. I assume this is what happened. Then I couldn't look up mashups unless I did it at school. Then I could not do any of the activities because of our filter. The mash ups were interesting. I suppose these ways fo technology are excellent when "selling" library materials to the young crowd. We would need a full time person just to set all these new things up for each library. And keep them changing and updated. I don't mind sharing my photos on line with family members but I would be unable to upload them in the programs and mashups.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Flickr: Search

Flickr: Search

Discovery #4 Flickr

Well, I am on to #4 thing and it was interesting. I'm glad that you show us ideas of what other libraries do with these "things". Again it is hard to wait forever for photos to download from dial up connections. I think Flickr would be good to use in our library when we pull books according to themes and put on a shelf for teachers to pick up. If we had them on flickr then they could access the themed books by computer and see right away what we have. I don't like having my personal pictures on line BUT my son has put pictures on a website for us to look at and order from and that is so much better than us waiting to go see him out of town and then ordering and etc.. I loved looking at all the cat pictures. Then again I could spend hours doing that!!! There are some wonderful amatuer photographers!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Question

I was reading a blog and then some weird people started entering porno stuff. Can I delete that if it happens on my blog? That can really deter a person from going to the same blog again. It even happened on the educational blog. Any comments on this.